Help Us to Help You

The care that we can provide for you depends on the partnership between patients and their doctor. Whilst we will always strive to meet the demands placed on us there are things that you the patient can do that will make our job easier.

What you can do for us:

  • Please treat all surgery staff with the same courtesy and respect that we offer to you.
  • Ask if you are not clear about your treatment, and try to follow the medical advice offered.
  • Please remember that an appointment is for ONE person only.
  • Please book a separate consultation for each member of your family who wishes to see the doctor.
  • If you feel your problem is complicated, or you have several problems, please inform the receptionist who will book you a double appointment. This will assist other patients as it will help the doctor run to time.
  • It is the patient who is responsible for keeping an appointment with any doctor or hospital specialist. If you wish to cancel, please give adequate notice to the practice to allow the appointment to be used for someone else.
  • Only ask for an urgent appointment when there is a real need for it: coughs, colds, sore throats, and problems which have been going on for a week or more, rarely need to be seen in an urgent slot.
  • If a doctor is running late please be patient; on another occasion it might be you that needs the extra time. Please do not blame the receptionists.
  • Do be patient when your doctor is called away to deal with an emergency.
  • Do keep us informed about changes in your personal circumstances and in particular any change of address or telephone number.
  • We are all responsible for our own health and we should all take appropriate action to prevent ill health, for instance by not smoking. If you do need advice about prevention we are available to provide it.