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We are delighted you are keen to book into a group consultation with us. Video Group Consultations provide you with much more time than a routine appointment during which you will be able to hear from some of our experts, plus have time for questions and discussion both with our expert and other people in the group.

There are usually 6-10 people in a group consultation session and usually 20-30 in a group education session and it should last between 60-90 minutes. A facilitator sets up the session plus supports and helps with any technical issues. They are there to help you get the most out of the session and ensure it is managed well.

If you have any more questions please see our FAQs leaflet (PDF), see also our Patient Agreement information leaflet (PDF).

All participants will need to agree to before the consultation starts. Your facilitator will talk you through this to ensure everyone is happy.

Please note, the sessions work best when all participants take part, so we recommend that you access the consultation using a laptop, PC or tablet, because phones restrict your ability to fully participate in the session.

To register please complete this form.

Video Group Consultation Registration

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Video Group Consultation Sessions

We are planning to arrange dates for the following sessions. Please check to express your interest:
We do not want any of our patients to feel they cannot participate in the session because they are worried about the technology set up.
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